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The Childlike Empress of Fantastica
26 September 1985
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I'm eclectic, both in music and life. If I could afford it, my wardrobe with be little bit of many things; t-shirt and jeans, goth, hippie, colorful childhood-nostalgic clothes, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I change hair colors frequently, and people tend to stare. Who cares? The only time I'm self-conscious about myself is when people come visit, and I'm disheveled, and un-groomed. I'm crazy about Thai food, or at least Thai-style. Noodles are great, Italian pasta, especially creamy sauces, or buttery ones. I have to eat Gluten Free, but I try to make my food as fabulously tasty as possible. I like to think I'm a good cook, and the people I've made food for haven't died, so I take that as a good sign. If you want to be my friend, it helps if you're quirky and offbeat. I prize a sense of humor, and an appreciation for being slightly childish while not overly so. I don't think I fit in any particular category, I'm just me.

I have five cats, whose names are Snowflake, Maia, Saiyuki(usually referred to as Yuki), Cali(usually just called The Baby), and Musketeer. I also love dogs.

As for a relationship? I'm spoken for. His name is Craige and I love him dearly.

This is him(and me!):


He's promised to be my "Knight in shining wheels". I'll hold him to that.

I love decorating, fashion, and music, but I have an eclectic taste in all three. A mix of different styles, which makes it truly, uniquely me. I pride myself on being a good judge of character, too, and also an excellent gift-giver. My interests in detail are below, If you'd like to know more, along with the various banners which indicate my favorite sites and subjects.

Animorphs is Love

Gryffindor is love.

Corpse Bride is Jubiliciously Tragic Love.

Victor Van Dort is Love

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The Corpse Bride is Love

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Victor/Emily is Love

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Scar is love.

Illyria is Sexy Goddess Love.

Spillyria is total. Hot. Demon. Sex. Love.

Spander is bloody. Hot. Sex. Love.

Which Lord of the Rings actor will you get busy with?
by strawberrie982
WhereHis/her place
Kinky-nessLacy undies
[drumroll]...Who?Never-down Billy
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